Outlander S1E08 Photo Recap, “Both Sides Now,” Part 2


As I get ready to hibernate like a bear, only occasionally opening up my maw to curse and maul at stray campers, let me thank everyone once again for reading, reblogging, liking, tweeting and all other manner of cyberhugs. This fandom is populated by awesomeasauruses. Part 1 here.

Trigger warning: If awful violent acts that rhyme with “grape” are upsetting to you, please note this may not be a good episode for you to read about. Proceed under your own judgement.

Back to Claire and Jamie, who are in a meadow looking for some Afternoon Delight. I can’t blame them, because I have it on good authority that when the time is right, it’s right.


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Outlander S1E08 Photo Recap, “Both Sides Now,” Part 1


So here we are at the midseason finale. I laughed, I cried, I considered perming my hair and I knit like a flipping banshee. Much like the lauded high-quality bootie we have been exposed to thanks to this show, I hate to see it go, but I LOVED watching it leave. Posted in 2 parts because.

We begin as always with the lovely Skye Boat Song, and I play my usual mental game where I try to recognize each clip and where it comes from. Some are harder than others. Like, why is Claire running here? Towards or away from something? Let’s look.


RUN, GIRL. Damn it, I miss this show already.

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Outlander Behind the Scenes (x)

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Sara and Mir.i.am give us the best reaction gifs during the middle of the “Ew!” music video

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Sam & Cait being adorable at public appearances.

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