Jamie Dornan naked and working out in The Fall

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Jimmy Fallon paying tribute to Robin Williams

We, like all of you were shaken up a bit last night when we learned that genius comedian and actor Robin Williams passed away. He was one in a kind. He was one in a million. He was unbelievable. If you don’t know his stand-up then you should YouTube it right now and watch it. He was amazing. He was funny and he was fast. He would weave in and out of characters and get Shakespearean. It was incredible.”

Jimmy then proceeded to do his best Robin impersonation, and concluded his tribute by standing on his desk and playing out a key scene in Dead Poets Society.

Oh captain, my captain, you will be missed.”

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Happy birthday, Steve Higgins! Here are some of our favorite Higgins moments from The Tonight Show in GIF form to celebrate the big day!

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Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MyWeirdSecret!

My Weird Secret… O.o

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Syracuse University has been named the top party school in the country. And it’s not that surprising, just listen to some of these names at their last graduation ceremony…

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